Yann Haute Patisserie: Must Try Macarons


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My day started a little bit frustrating as first, while driving to work, I unfortunately had to share the road with some inconsiderate and unbelievable drivers. We almost got into a multi vehicle collision if one of the driver in front of and behind me weren’t paying attention because one driver just decided to stop in the middle of a 3-lane road and waited there until the light to turn left was on. (Guess he didn’t want to use left lane and there’s no one there at the time)

So then I got to work still frustrated, and realized I forgot my laptop and iPad at home! And it’s a 45-minute drive one way. But I didn’t have any choice but to go back and get my stuff. I just wanted to just go back to bed and restart the morning πŸ˜„! I definitely needed some kind of treat to make myself feel better.

This is when I remembered Yann Haute Patisserie. It’s a small but cute store that specializes in gourmet baked goods. The choices are good and they have something for every preference. Oh and staff is really nice too!

I highly recommend their macarons. They have a good variety of flavors and they’re just so good! 

They usually come up with new flavors so I decided to give those a try… and needless to say, they’re all very delicious.

The packaging is nice, clean, and elegant looking. A plain white box with their name embossed on it…

And here I am back at work enjoying my macarons πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Happy Weekend everyone!

Outfit details:

Top: Forever 21

Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Watch: Apple Watch

Sunglasses: Ray Ban


Prada CandyΒ 


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Just a quick post about the scent I’m currently wearing right now. As mentioned on my recent similar posts, I prefer to just have one perfume at a time instead of having multiple as I tend to always go for the one I like the most so others just sit there for a long time and I feel like I’m just wasting money because I don’t really use the ones I know are “old”.

The last one I had was a Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and that was a pretty good one. Now I’m currently using the Prada Candy and although I really like it’s sweet caramel-like scent, I honestly think that it’s kind of a “warm” type of scent. I think I would really love this in the winter time or even fall but for the summer, I prefer a cooler, fresher scent.

I really like the packaging and how the bottle looks though. There’s pink, black and touch of gold so what’s not to like??? πŸ˜„ Please feel free to share and let me know if you have a favorite perfume/scent for the summer. I’d love to hear your suggestions 😊.



High Heel Stiletto Pumps: Instantly Improve Your Mood


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Have you ever had that kind of day when you know you woke up in a very good mood and then something happens that will make things go south almost instantly? Well that’s probably the best way to describe my day today. Woke up feeling good and positive even though I had to work on a Saturday.

Then I was informed that my car has a dent on the back passenger side and some streaks of white paint which clearly implied that it was a case of hit and run at a parking lot somewhere! I immediately checked and true enough, there it was!

It was irritating and frustrating at the same time. I can’t believe how some people lack basic decency and sense of responsibility/ accountability. Basically I will have to spend time, effort, and of course money for something that wasn’t my fault. Oh well nothing I could do now but deal with it and just get it done.

As they say, lipstick, coffee and good shoes cure the blues so I decided to go with some of my favorite stuff and yes, it works everytime. I instantly felt better and mood has improved.

As for the rest of my work outfit, I just went with a simple white tee shirt and a pair of black culottes. It was light and comfortable so it’s appropriate for the warm weather we’re having. Here are some pics…

Tee: H&M

Culottes: Dynamite Clothing

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Lipstick: Chanel



Chanel and Louis Vuitton Quick Visit


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Have you ever had those days when you’re just in the mood to just walk around the mall and just window shop? Just to look at what the stores have and don’t have any specific thing in mind or not really planning on getting something? This was how I was this morning…

I went to Holt Renfrew and started browsing their sale section. I received an email update saying they’re having a designer sale so I decided to look and check it out. Unfortunately, I didn’t really find anything that kinda spoke to me.

Then I went into the Chanel boutique located on the second floor and as expected, no one was there and that’s actually the main reason why I go early on a weekday, I’m not a big fan of crowded stores. The SAs were very friendly and prompt at greeting and acknowledging which I always appreciate…😊

Chanel Holt Renfrew

It’s always nice to see new products and Chanel always comes up with very pretty stuff. I was not really planning to buy anything and just wanted to browse and admire their beautiful products.

Classy and Elegant

Dressier Shoes

Cute Everyday Ballerinas

These ballerinas are so cute and I liked the pink ones immediately so since I was there already, I asked the SA if I could try them on. Unfortunately they only have one pair left and it’s half a size bigger than my size and my foot pops out every step. She’s nice enough to bring me other color options in my size to try.

I just gotta have them πŸ˜„

Love the Chic and Stylish Packaging ❀️

I got the black lambskin ballerinas with cute black bow and patent leather toe cap with the iconic CC stitching. They’re very comfortable and  versatile and they go with everything!

Classic Chanel Vibe

Then I passed by Louis Vuitton store on the way out and I literally turned around and decided to check it out. I really like their Rose Ballerine color and it’s like a very light and subtle powder pink. Very pretty indeed!

Look at all those pretty pinks! 😍

As much as I want to get most of these, I only need an SLG for today πŸ˜„ and so I asked the SA for that specific thing and they usually have those in stock as they’re very popular so the transaction was fast and easy. 

Mandatory Mirror Selfie While Waiting πŸ˜‚

Got to Sit Down and Take More Pics…

LV Key Cles in Damier Ebene

Okay I’m Done πŸ˜„

It was a quick trip as I was out of the mall after just about an hour! I’d say that’s a very good way to spend an hour that morning 😊. Hope you all had a wonderful day!



Top: Zara

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Shoes: Gucci

Watch: Apple Watch

Denim Romper: Summer Should Be Here Soon


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It was a nasty winter season but thankfully, spring has taken over and although it’s much nicer and warmer, it brings a lot of rain almost everyday. But hey I’m not complaining AT ALL! Sometimes we do get spoiled with a really warm day in between dark and gloomy ones and this day is one of those so for work, I took advantage of the 20+ above weather to wear a summer-ish outfit.

One thing that I like about my job is that there is no dress code so we can wear whatever we want as long as it is still ‘decent-looking’ so for today, I went with a denim romper. I think it’s decent length for shorts and with short sleeves and button down feature, it’s not really revealing anything which makes it decent in my opinion.

Shoes: Steve Madden

Watch: Apple Watch Series 2

Purse: Louis Vuitton 



Louis Vuitton Favorite MM: First Spring Bag


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I just recently did a post about my first spring shoe purchase and that was the pair of Gucci Marmont suede kiltie flats. Now it’s time to get a new bag and so I browsed online and checked social media to see what’s popular and what I noticed is that the mini or small bags and crossbody bags are very trendy right now.

Almost all brands came up with a mini version of their regular bag styles and some of the most popular ones I’ve seen are from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. I like the look and style of Gucci Marmont but for some reason, my feet took me to the Louis Vuitton boutique at Holt Renfrew.

I have always liked Louis Vuitton because they’re timeless, they’re well made, good quality and they hold their value better than other brands. In fact, it is one of what they call the Triad of handbags or the Mother Brands that are considered as really good investment pieces along with Chanel and of course, Hermes!

So I went there and was set on getting the Favorite MM in Damier Azur print which is the white one (summer!) but they didn’t have that (of course!) and the SA said that it will take 2 weeks for them to get another one. So I asked to see the PM size as well as the Favorite MM in Damier Ebene print. The PM definitely was too small and my continental wallet won’t even fit! So he suggested the Pochette Felicie in the Azur which comes with the long and thin card holder and pouch/wallet so I won’t have to use my bulky wallet (see first pic). But that print didn’t appeal to me but I’m planning to get the Pochette Felicie in the black Empreinte Leather.

So I ended up getting the MM size in the Damier Ebene print and I’m so glad I did! It will be perfect for spring and summer with the right size for my essentials and can be worn casually with the leather crossbody strap or for dressier or more formal occasions by using the gold chain. Such a versatile piece and because the leather is treated, I don’t have to worry about stains and spots that is usually a common issue with the Vachetta leather that they use on the Monogram and Damier Azur prints.

Oh and they updated their packaging too from brown to orange which I don’t mind as I think they’re both pretty! 😊


Embroidered Bomber Jacket and Metallics


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Typical spring day today which included some occasional showers and wet flurries. It’s sometimes hard to plan an outfit if you live in a place where the weather is unpredictable. So for work, I just went with this embroidered bomber jacket that I got a couple weeks ago (yes it took that long for me to actually get to wear it).

I originally planned to wear this with a pleated metallic skirt and a pair of lace up ballerina shoes but of course the weather just won’t make it that easy πŸ˜„!

So I ended up just pairing it with a pair of skinnies and ‘warmer’ shoes.

I saw these shoes at Zara and immediately recognized them as a Prada knock off πŸ˜‚! I decided to buy it just to try and see if this style will work for me and then get the pair of Pradas if I like them enough.

They fit nicely and are very comfortable. Perfect for a day like this. The platform gives the height boost without the discomfort that comes with regular heels. 

And of course my favorite piece is this bomber jacket that came in my favorite spring/summer color – blush – and has a nice embroidery detail which is another popular spring trend now. 



Gucci: Spring Flats


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Finally we can now put away our boots and winter shoes! The weather is starting to get nicer and warmer so naturally, people are starting to update their wardrobe for hotter days ahead. I admit that I am a shoe lover so for my first spring purchase, I decided to go to my fave shopping spot, Holt Renfrew to get a pair of Gucci flats.

I was originally looking for the plain and simple mule type but unfortunately, they ran out of stock so I just let them put me on waiting list for this style. Then I saw this kiltie style flats that look simple and basic and I thought I could pair this with almost anything so I went and bought this.

I am not really a brand junkie but I really appreciate the quality of the nicer stuff that I buy. This pair came with 2 of those shoe bags and they just look really nice and classy.

The best thing about these shoes is that they’re so comfortable and I’m sure I’ll be wearing these lots this spring and summer. They’re suede though so it’s probably smart to avoid wearing them when it’s raining. πŸ˜„ If you guys have a specific spring/summer shoe style that you can recommend please let me know 😊



Banff – Easter Long Weekend Getaway


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Hey guys,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got to spend it with friends and family. As for myself, I had the chance to take a break from the busy city life and go to the mountains for a little change of environment. It’s nice that the towns of Canmore and Banff are close to my home city so it doesn’t take much to get a relaxing and refreshing break.

Since spring has just started, I wasn’t surprised to see a lot of snow on mountains along with still frozen lakes and rivers. As most people probably know, weather and temperature in Alberta can get extreme and this last winter hasn’t been the friendliest either.

I like going to Banff because aside from the views are always spectacular all year round, it lets you get close to nature. You’ll get a chance to get a closer look at mountains, rivers, lakes, and of course, wildlife! I always get excited every time I see a deer on the roadside or a mountain goat way up too the side of the mountain. And of course, there is always that one spot that will capture your heart and mine will be this spot:

I like how all of nature’s wonders are in this like view of a majectic mountain, green clear waters, skies and different kind of trees lining the river. It’s always picture worthy in my opinion.

We booked a hotel room since we don’t plan on returning home the same day and although I already knew that the room will come with a view, actually seeing it from inside the room still amazed me! The room was spacious with 2 queen sized bed, a couch, a small dining table set, and the usuals like mirrored vanities, fridge and tv. 

I like the big glass door that lets guests see the outside view from the bed without having to leave the room. Imagine waking up to this view:

It also comes with a private balcony where guests can enjoy the unobstructed stunning view of the mountains!

And you know you just have to have your picture taken here πŸ˜„

This is what it looked like outside at night…

We went out to get some pasta for dinner but I didn’t get the chance to take some photos as I was busy admiring the surrounding mountain so I’ll just share the view outside the restaurant we went to for dinner…

We went back to our hotel to get some rest and I was ready to get some sleep as I was tired and the weather is really cold so getting under the blanket sounded like a really good idea. Oh and this was my outfit for the day that was covered with a winter coat due to cold weather. Wore an off the shoulder, pink and white gingham printed top with ribbons on each sleeve paired with cuffed jeans.

But of course you don’t always get that rest or sleep you want right when you want it. Just doesn’t work that way I guess as my minime requested that we check out the hotel pool and hot tub and go for a swim. So instead of pyjamas, I changed into my swimsuit. 

The hotel has a big regular pool and the wall was painted aqua blue with some ocean creatures πŸ˜„ that the kids surely liked. I just stayed in the hot tub as it’s very relaxing after a long day of walking and exploring. I know this will put me to sleep in no time when I get back to our room.

The next morning, I was literally pulled out of bed for same reason and I just picked a different set of swimsuit and this time, it was a tankini set with a skirted bottom.

Then we continued to explore and appreciate the sceneries this place has to offer. 

Tunnel Mountain

Lake Minnewanka

I can’t wait to go back in the summer when I won’t have to wear winter coat and hat πŸ˜„ and go to the Glacier Skywalk. It’s another adventurous way to enjoy nature and the views.



Calgary Tower: Lunch with a View


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It’s springbreak and I was wondering where I could take my mini me and do something fun or at least new. Then I realized she hasn’t been to the Calgary Tower and thought she would like the experience. She’s not scared of heights so I made the decision of taking her there. Enjoy the view and have some lunch while up there.

She doesn’t get to go to downtown often so I thought I’d park about 4 blocks away from the tower so we can both enjoy a little walk as the weather is cooperating today and although it’s a little cloudy, still nice and warm enough for a walk.

Since we booked a table for lunch, the restaurant will waive the elevation fee (entrance) to the tower but has to be 30 minutes before booked time. We arrived about 45 mins early so we just took some photos πŸ˜„πŸ“· and this is one of the many she took:

When we finally get to go up, she went straight to the glass floor on the observation deck. There were a few people there too but they just stayed on the edge and didn’t really stepped on the glass floor so we kinda had the area to ourselves!  And of course we had to take pics!

Next was lunch! We booked a table at Sky360 restaurant and she liked that it was rotating giving guests a chance to get a 360 degree view of the city. As for food, we had seafood pasta, with some clams, prawns, and chunky bacon bits with a couple of bread slices. Then for dessert we had brownie with salted caramel gelato and she loved this one. 

It was a satisfying meal πŸ˜„ and the view was truly amazing! Spring has just started here so there weren’t a lot of greens yet but I wouldn’t mind coming back in the summer. 

Outfit Details:

Top: Zara — Jeans: Abercrombie — Shoes: Michael Kors — Suede Jacket: Danier Leather — Watch: Apple Watch — Necklace: Tiffany & Co. — Purse: Louis Vuitton